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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you direct bill?

I am able to direct bill to Manitoba Blue Cross and providers that work with Telus Health, including Manulife, Canada Life and 25 other insurers. This complimentary service add-on is available to those who can provide their insurance policy and group numbers and any required info including date or year of birth and notice of a prescription for massage, if necessary.  If you would like to access direct billing, please speak with me prior to your appointment and provide all necessary information ahead of time. You are responsible for knowing your third-party coverage and for paying any balance of fees in full on any services rendered. Please email to inquire about direct billing and be ready to provide all necessary information. 


Where direct billing is not possible, I will provide a receipt that allows you to claim with your insurance provider for massage therapy benefits. 

What is your preferred payment method?

E-transfer to or cash payment are my preferred payment methods, to reduce costly processing fees. Payment by card may be made online at time of booking or you may pay in person with any card Square accepts: Debit, Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Thank you.

Can I claim your service for acupuncture?

No. I am a Registered Massage Therapist providing certified acupuncture as a healing modality. I am not a TCM acupuncturist. I cannot be claimed under the category 'Acupuncture' as a service provider. Your claim can be made under Massage even if we use acupuncture needles in session.

Where exactly is your clinic?

I am inside the Kremer building at 301 Nassau. There is a single entry point at Nassau Street. Enter the building, remain on ground level and you may wait in waiting area outside of unit 103B. I may be indisposed with another session in treatment, kindly wait until you are greeted. Do not knock.
Gender neutral washrooms are located beyond the waiting area via key access only. I will assist you asap.

2 hour street parking can be found on nearby Pembina, Warsaw, Jessie, Fleet and Mulvey Ave. 

Bus stop service for route 60, 66 right outside.

How do I know which treatment to book?

Have a look at my Services page to learn more about each treatment. I encourage trying different services as you might discover healing benefits you have never experienced before!


If you have questions before booking an appointment, please send me a text or email. It is not possible to answer phone calls, generally speaking, as I am likely in treatment and can't answer the phone.  

If you have inquiries, please text or email for the quickest response. 

It is possible in most cases to book 60 minutes in place of a 90 minute treatment offering. My online schedule is flexible and I can be accommodating in most cases.

What is cupping therapy? 

Massage Cupping is the use of plastic cups and a hand-held vacuum pump to create a negative pressure on the skin’s surface. This separates the layers of tissue, drawing in nutrient-rich blood to provide healing to the targeted tissue.

What is the discoloration that occurs with some of the treatments?

The marks that are commonly left from Massage Cupping are an indication of the release of stagnation from the treatment area. A cupping mark is thought to be caused by the release of dead static blood, lymph, cellular debris, pathogens and toxins to the surface of the skin. Cupping marks are not painful and can range in intensity from no mark at all to a dark purple. Marks usually last from 1-8 days but can remain for approximately 2 weeks.

What are the therapeutic effects of Massage Cupping?

Pain Relief
Increase Range of Motion
Fascial tissue stretch
Spinal Decompression
Loosen stubborn Adhesions
Break up scar tissue
Release Deep Tissue Issues
Move Stagnation
Stimulate Blood Flow
Sedate the Nervous System
Treat hypertonic muscle
Treat muscle and joint stiffness
Strengthens the immune system
Promoting lymphatic fluid flow
Can be used on the abdomen for digestive issues
Can be used on the chest to improve respiratory issues
Small special types of cups can be used actively on the face to reduce wrinkles and improve skin appearance

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